Our new website!

We understood website design is not our forte and we turned to a pro, Eric at Web Pros Inc was great to work with.  I know I could have made a website for us but it would not have turned out as well as this one.  My theme for today:  if you want the best result, ask a professional.  (Did she just tell me to seek professional help?!)

I recently changed the counter tops in my kitchen.  I won’t even tell you how many samples I took home before I decided on my color.  For me it is much easier to help others decide.  I really love to work with clients to find the perfect counter top to pull together the flooring and woodwork.  I love it when clients bring in their floor, wood, paint samples and pictures of their project.  We run around pulling samples and having a great time.

I can assist you in your DIY project or we can do the removal and installation for you.  I look forward to working with you on your kitchen or bath design.

Amy Bromund, Design Consultant


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