Refreshing Solid Surface Countertops


Tips on how to remove mild scratches and stains from Solid Surfacing.

Could your hard-working solid surface countertop use a facelift? Part of the beauty of Formica® Solid Surfacing is that it can be restored. If scratches are stealing that just-installed shine from the finish, follow these simple steps to bring your bathroom vanity tops back to their original glory.
Here’s how to remove mild scratches or stains from solid surfacing:

1. Pour a mild abrasive liquid, such as Comet® Cleanser or Soft Scrub®, onto a soft damp sponge or damp cotton cloth.
2. Rub the area you wish to repair in a circular motion using mild pressure.
3. Rinse the area thoroughly with water and completely dry the surface.
4. If the damage has not been repaired, repeat the three steps above.
5. See your solid surfacing shine.

If you have deeper scratches in your solid surface, call us!  We can professionally sand your countertops!

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